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Bhumi Prospero Indonesia

PT. Bhumi Prospero Indonesia is a trading company that specializes in Indonesian agricultural products, mainly in spices and coconut broomsticks. With love and integrity, our company provides the best products from Indonesia’s agricultural riches to customers all over the world.

We began in 2022 with an acknowledgment of how rich Indonesian agricultural products are, like the spices that have been widely known for a long time. We are eager to support our farmers and suppliers in expanding their businesses by promoting and selling their products to locals and export markets.


Logo Meaning

Green leaf symbolize the organic agricultural crops in Indonesia that produce high-quality, wholesome products.

The color represents the stages of each process required to develop positive interactions with farmers, suppliers, and customers as well as for organizational growth. Just like a plant that grows in fertile soil from a brown seed into a green and fresh plant.


To be the leading company in supplying high-value agricultural products from Indonesia to all over the world.


Our Key Value


Integrity and responsibility always being our top priorities in ourselves and our organization.


We are always growing with continuous improvement in order for all stakeholders to benefit and succeed together.

High-quality Product

We are committed to providing the highest quality product at a reasonable price.

Our Team

Jovan Aleysius, S.T


Xena Hillary L , S.T


Bhumi Prospero Indonesia

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